...because true respect can never be bought.

If Techtud is on your mind, then you can wear it too.

Contribute contents to increase your points. Quality contents may fetch extra points from likes. Your hard work will pay, as there are great chances that the total point earned through likes will be more than the total points earned by contributing contents of various kinds.

Provide answer to existing doubts. If your answer is selected as the best, you get the 'the best answer points'. Stay clear of spamming to avoid penalties or membership cancelation. On completion of 1024 points, the genuineness of your profile, especially the content contributed and sources of likes on it, will be verified thoroughly using a set of efficient mechanisms. This is to ensure that only sincere hard work and quality is respected and rewarded.

For better clarity on content contribution, please read the Guidelines for Effective & Ethical Content Contribution. Once verified and approved, we will notify you and you can reply the mail with your contact details, size, and complete postal address. Once done, your earned 'Techtud Tee' will be on its way to meet you.

Do not get tensed, if you are a real contributor, it's going to be very simple for you.