Basics of Java

What is OOPs concept ?


OOPs is object oriented programming system in which we design a program using classes and objects.

It concludes the following :

Object - Objects are said to be real world entites that have state and behaviour .Ex table ,chair etc

Class- A class is said to be a collection of similar objects , ex mango , apple and oranges are members of class fruit . It is a collection of related data functions which can serve to keep information organized.

Inheritance -When the object of one class acquires all the properties and behaviours of parent class.It provides code reusability and specialization of base class.

Polymorphism - When one task is performed by different ways .

Abstraction - Hiding the internal details and showing only the essential features of the class.

Encapsulation -Wrapping up of data members and member methods into a single unit is called Encapsulation .