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  In a virtual memory system the address space specified by the address lines of the CUP must be __________ than the physical memory size and _______ than the secondary storage size.
(a) smaller, smaller
(b) smaller, larger
(c) larger, smaller
(d) larger, larger



Sunil Langtad @sunillangtad
3 Aug 2016 10:33 pm

Ans : (c) Larger, Smaller

In virtual memory the page table or segment table will contain the secondary storage address of the missing pages. The reason for missing page might be because of small physical memory. Since the page is not present in smaller address space we need to place the page in address space larger than physical memory (main memory). Since secondary storage space is the last storage space that a page can exist we can not have address larger than secondary storage space and shouold be smaller than secondary storage. The secondary space also include external device like pendrive or external HDD etc.

Amit Pal @amitpal101
25 Sep 2016 09:00 pm

Ans . (c) 
 address generated by CPU (logical address) can be larger than Physical memory space (RAM) but it should be smaller than storage disk space . we can map such address to physical memory with the help of virtual memory concept . which allows cpu to execute the process whose size is greater than physical size of memory(RAM)  .