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Consider the following snapshot of a system running n processes. Process i is holding xi instances of a resource R, 1 \(
 i \(
 n. currently, all instances of R are occupied. Further, for all i, process i has placed a request for an additional yi instances while holding the i x instances it already has. There are exactly two processes p and q such that yp = yq = 0 Which one of the following can serve as a necessary condition to guarantee that the system is not approaching a deadlock?

(A) min(Xp,Xq) < max\({k\neq p,q} \) yk
(B) Xp + Xq  \(\geq\)  min\({k\neq p,q} \) yk
(C)max(Xp,Xq) > 1
(D)min(Xp,Xq)  >  1