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A file system with 300 GByte disk uses a file descriptor with 8 direct block addresses, 1 indirect block address and 1 doubly indirect block address. The size of each disk block is 128 Bytes and the size of each disk block address is 8 Bytes. The maximum possible file size in this file system is 

(A) 3 KBytes
(B) 35 KBytes
(C) 280 KBytes
(D) dependent on the size of the disk


Answer: (B)
Exp:-  Each block size= 128Bytes
          Disk block size= 8Bytes
          Each Disk can  contain =128Bytes /8Bytes
          size due to  8 direct block addresses    =8*128
          size due to  1 indirect block addresses  =16*128
          size due to  1 doubly indirect block addresses     =16*16*128

           maximum possible file size= 8*128 + 16*128 + 16*16*128
                                                       = 1024   + 2048    + 32768