For which of the following multiplier pattern

For which of the following multiplier pattern, Booth's algorithm has better performance?

(A) 011111111110
(B) 111100111111
(C) 011110111111
(D) 111111110000


Minimum operation tends to better performance.
For first option: 011111111110 one complete block 1 addition and 1 subtraction
For second option: 111100111111 one complete block and one partial block 1 addition and 2 subtractions
For third option: 011110111111 two complete blocks 2 additions and 2 subtractions
For fourth option: 111111110000 one partial block 1 subtraction
Fourth option has minimum number of operations.

Avdhesh Singh Rana @asinghrana
10 Dec 2015 08:07 pm

Here what is partial block subtraction and addition? Need explanation of these terms.