Modeling Excellence with All Round Learning Management System

Techtud offers a multifunctional and bespoke platform that is more than just a Learning Management System. Our platform caters to the needs of users for an incredible learning experience with a sense of community building.

Virtual Classrooms Made Easy

Create your virtual classroom and provide simple yet intuitive learning solutions. Manage the on-going classes seamlessly with the following features

  • Multiple Student Invite

    Start your course by inviting multiple students with a single click.

  • Integration of Zoom and Google Meet

    Take LIVE classes with the embedded Zoom and Google Meet accounts.

  • Multimedia Content Sharing

    Choose among different content formats to deliver the learning content in the most efficient way.

  • Interactive Videos

    Offer an immersive experience to the learners through interactive and microlearning videos.

  • Discussion Forum

    Initiate discussions on certain course topics within the public/ private discussion forums.

  • Broadcast

    Broadcast an important announcement to all the coursetakers as and when needed.

  • Post

    Post questions, examples and resources in various formats to make study materials accessible.

  • Like, share, comment!

    Like & share member’s post and engage over comments encompassing doubts or general updates in real-time.

  • Email communication

    Easily send emails to your students for their LIVE classes and also other updates.

Interactive Learning

Techtud offers all the tools you need to create, deliver, and track the effectiveness of the coursetakers’ performance. Motivate learners and assess the learning outcomes with the different types of simulated activities.

  • Quizzes

    Encourage them to self-improve by designing interesting online quizzes. Assessment is click-easy.

  • Challenges

    Make way for the learners to self-improve and partake in healthy competition through various shareable challenges.

  • Polls

    Use polls to increase collaboration from your learners and boost their critical thinking skills.

Enterprise Solutions

Align your virtual classroom correctly and ever better with a wide range of customizable options. Make things simplified and customized to match your requirements.

White Label Solutions

Virtually host customized platforms over your institutions’ domain to retain the same brand essence.

User Management

Assign and modify admin roles and grant independence to user groups working in your virtual classroom.

Custom Landing Page

Customize the content and design homepage of your classroom based on the theme and mission of your institution.