Gate CSE -2016 set -2
Difficulty Level: 
Total Questions: 65

                                                                                                                   GATE 2016 set 2 Examination

                                                                                              CS: Computer Science & Information Technology

Duration: 180 minutes                                                                                                                                                             Maximum Marks: 100
Read the following instructions carefully.
             1. To login, enter your Registration Number and password provided to you. Kindly go through the various
                   symbols used in the test and understand their meaning before you start the examination.
             2. Once you login and after the start of the examination, you can view all the questions in the question
                   paper, by clicking on the View All Questions button in the screen.
             3. This question paper consists of 2 sections, General Aptitude (GA) for 15 marks and the subject
                  specific GATE paper for 85 marks. Both these sections are compulsory.
                  The GA section consists of 10 questions. Question numbers 1 to 5 are of 1-mark each, while question
                  numbers 6 to 10 are of 2-mark each.
                  The subject specific GATE paper section consists of 55 questions, out of which question numbers 1 to
                  25 are of 1-mark each, while question numbers 26 to 55 are of 2-mark each.
              4. Depending upon the GATE paper, there may be useful common data that may be required for
                   answering the questions. If the paper has such useful data, the same can be viewed by clicking on the
                  Useful Common Data button that appears at the top, right hand side of the screen.
             5. The computer allotted to you at the examination center runs specialized software that permits only one
                  answer to be selected for multiple-choice questions using a mouse and to enter a suitable number for
                  the numerical answer type questions using the virtual keyboard and mouse.
             6. Your answers shall be updated and saved on a server periodically and also at the end of the
                  examination. The examination will stop automatically at the end of 180 minutes.
              7. In each paper a candidate can answer a total of 65 questions carrying 100 marks.
              8. The question paper may consist of questions of multiple choice type (MCQ) and numerical answer type.
              9. Multiple choice type questions will have four choices against A, B, C, D, out of which only ONE is thecorrect


                    The candidate has to choose the correct  answer by clicking on the bubble (⃝) placed before the choice.
              10. For numerical answer type questions, each question will have a numerical answer and there will not be
                     any choices. For these questions, the answer should be enteredby using the virtual keyboard that
                     appears on the monitor and the mouse.
              11. All questions that are not attempted will result in zero marks. However, wrong answers for multiple
                     choice type questions (MCQ) will result in NEGATIVE marks. For all MCQ questions a wrong
                    answer will result in deduction of1⁄3 marks for a 1-mark question and 2⁄3 marks for a 2-mark question.
              12. There is NO NEGATIVE MARKING for questions of NUMERICAL ANSWER TYPE.
             13. Non-programmable type Calculator is allowed. Charts, graph sheets, and mathematical tables are NOT
                     allowed in the Examination Hall. You must use the Scribble pad provided to you at the examination
                     centre for all your rough work. The Scribble Pad has to be returned at the end of the examination.

Declaration by the candidate:
“I have read and understood all the above instructions. I have also read and understood clearly the
instructions given on the admit card and shall follow the same. I also understand that in case I am found to
violate any of these instructions, my candidature is liable to be cancelled. I also confirm that at the start of
the examination all the computer hardware allotted to me are in proper working condition”.

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