It stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

It has two mapping table:-

  1. Static Mapping table: for servers who are always online like Amazon or Flipkart.
  2. Dynamic Mapping table: for clients who need  IP for a short period of time.  

 It also provides two types of address allocation scheme.

1. Static Address Allocation:

when someone needs static address it allocates,  using the static table.

2. Dynamic address allocation scheme:-

It has two databases. When someone needs dynamic address it first checks the unused address in the second database and then allocates one of them to requesting client. It also maintained the corresponding entries.

DHCP provides a temporary IP address for a limited time when a host moves from one network to another.

One of the major problems with BOOTP is -

Maintenance of the mapping table is done manually. Suppose a client is moved from one network to another the administration has to manually feed this entry.

DHCP on the other hands provide both static and dynamic configuration system. Static addresses are created manually and dynamic addresses are created dynamically.