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Introduction to Counters
  • The counters are used to provide accurate timing and control signals.
  • There are of two types :
    a) Synchronous
    b) Asynchronous
  • In synchronous counters all the flipflops respond to the same clock instances.
  • In asynchronous counters, the output of one flipflop drives the clock of another flipflop.
  • Synchronous counters are faster than asynchronous counters.
  • Due to simplicity of design ,asynchronous counters are used in IC fabrications.
  • The simplified version of synchronous counter  is called shift counters.
  • The basic element in shift counter is D flipflop. and for asynchronous T flip flop is the basic element.
  • The ring counter and johnson counter are further simplified version of shift counter.

Synchronous Counter :


Asynchronous Counter:




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