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Introduction to sequential circuits

The external output of a sequential circuit depends on external inputs and on present contents of "memory element". The present contents of the memory elements are called present state and the new contents of memory elements are obtained by taking external inputs and present state .This is called Next state.



  • A memory element is some medium in which one bit of information can be stored or retained untill necessary , and there after its contents can be replaced by new values.The basic binary or digital memory circuit is known as filpflop.
  • It has 2 stable states which are known as '1' or '0'.so it is also called bistable multivibrator.

Basic Concept used inside Flipflop:

We can use both NAND gate  as well as NOR  gate in implementation of flipflop.



This Device is called as latch or lock because it doesn't have input .It could be latch-0 or latch-1 but if it once there we could not change it.

                   If i want a memeory device which i should be latch it,which means i should able to store something there as well as change it,that is called flip flop.Using latch we can build a flip flop.





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