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GATE 2016 Session 5 CS Q50

Consider  the following proposed solution for the critical section problem . There are  n
processes :  P0.....Pn-1 In the code , function p max returns an integer not smaller than any
of its arguments.For all i, t[i] is initialized to zero.

Code for Pi:

do {
c[i]=1; t[i]=pmax (t[0],....,t[n-1] )+1 ;  c[i]=0;
for every j = i in {0,...,n-1} {
while ( c[j] );
while ( t[j] != 0 && t[j] <=t[i] );
Critical Section;
Remainder Section;
} while(true);

Which one of the following is TRUE about the above solution?
(A) At most one process can be in the critical section at any time
(B) The bounded wait condition is satisfied
(C) The progress condition is satisfied
(D) It cannot cause a deadlock





sudhir singh @sudhir_singh
24 Dec 2017 09:00 pm

See bakery is modified version of bakery algorithm.