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This classroom is a private classroom for GATE 2019 (CSE/IT) preparation mentored by the alumni of various IITs and IISc. We will keep part of the content public as well. You can request to join this group of motivated people but... more
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VirtualGATE 2019 Schedule is out!!

The schedule is planned keeping the following things in mind: -

  • We cover all the important topics with a balanced focus
  • All tests run during the weekend as well
  • Assuming the GATE to be held on 1-2 Feb, we must finish the syllabus by Jan 10th
  • Last 20 days for grand revision
  • 2 Full-length VirtualGATE
manish jain @manishjain1
14 Sep 2018 07:12 pm
today's online class?
Pritam Prasun @pritam
14 Sep 2018 07:29 pm
The Class Room has been started and the link and the secret key has already been shared with the selected students.
mohit sharma @mohitjarvissharma
14 Sep 2018 07:35 pm
But sir, I received the selection email but didn't receive the secret key. I don't want to miss the classes.
manish jain @manishjain1
14 Sep 2018 07:41 pm
check your mail id
akshat @akshats063
14 Sep 2018 07:40 pm
yes sir i also didnt receive the secret key i have been shortlisted
Pritam Prasun @pritam
14 Sep 2018 07:44 pm
let me forward it again.
mohit sharma @mohitjarvissharma
14 Sep 2018 07:48 pm
Sir, I registered with a different email id on this link: But my virtual gate account is on another id. Can this be an issue for not receiving the second email?
akshat @akshats063
14 Sep 2018 07:52 pm
ok i got the mail Thank you sir
Sushma @sushma9
14 Sep 2018 10:06 pm
Sir, I didn't receive the secret key.
Pritam Prasun @pritam
15 Sep 2018 12:19 am
Please send me your email address with which you attended the test. I will verify and resend the code.
Adeema jain @adeema
15 Sep 2018 11:30 am
Can i give the classroom selection test now?